Second volume of landmark book on way

Bootham Crescent: A Second Home – Order Information for Part Two

Part two of Bootham Crescent: A Second Home, by Paul Bowser, will be published shortly, and covers the period 1960 – 1993, culminating in York City’s play-off success at Wembley on that famous day in May 1993.

It is hardback production of around 270 A4 pages covering three remarkable decades in the development of the ground and the performances of the team. It was the period where wider events began to shape the ground, leading to more seats, less terracing, the disappearance of most of the white picket fencing, and the appearance of the hospitality boxes. Sadly, it was the tragic death of David Longhurst which resulted in the biggest change to Bootham Crescent in that era. The ground also hosted rugby league for the first time, and featured American football and a rock n’ roll concert, but football always took centre stage. York City FC, as ever, had its share of ups and downs, with five promotions, five relegations, a first taste of Second Division football, and more stirring FA Cup deeds.

Those who pre-order before Sunday May 9 will have their name added to the subscriber list within the book.

A third book will most likely be published in 2022. This will be a separate edition with a separate subscription list, and will cover the period from 1993 onwards including the final days of Bootham Crescent and the first games at the LNER Community Stadium.

Part one of the book is now sold out, but if there is sufficient demand a reprint will be considered.

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